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Read posts by the acupuncturists and herbalists working at NECA’s clinics, addressing health, nutrition, and general wellness in relation to Chinese Medicine.

Learn more about acupuncture for specific conditions.  We will to continue to develop this list in our commitment to serve and educate you about acupuncture.

I came to NECA for bursitis, an old whiplash injury from 1967 and to avoid knee replacement surgery. Treatment has done wonders for my neck pain and headaches and I have been able to avoid knee replacement. Remarkable improvement both physically and mentally. I look forward to acupuncture as a life long comittment.
— Arthritis, Back Pain, Headaches, Neck pain – female, 77

Wanting to wait as long as possible for knee replacement surgery, my doctor told me about NECA. When I met Matt and Kristina, I felt their caring, compassion and real desire to help me. The treatment room has soft lights, soothing music and reclining chairs. Not only are you treated for your initial issue, but, as I found out, they treat all of you – physical, mental and spiritual. NECA has helped me so much. I don’t think I could ever thank Matt and Kristina enough.
— Joint pain, bone on bone knee arthritis - female, 65

I have had for the past five years, pain in my upper legs/calves and feet from vascular disease. Since beginning treatment here, I have NO pain in my legs and am now being treated for my feet. I am truly amazed at how simple the procedure is and am very happy with the staff. I would certainly recommend NECA for anyone who suffers from pain.
— Vascular Disease, P.A.D. (Pain, Legs and Feet) – male, 56

NECA has been the most helpful group of health care givers I have ever encountered. They are eager to help you at each visit and listen closely to what you tell them about your pain. They have helped me immensely. I still have a way to go, but I am very pleased with my progress. I highly recommend them.
— Lower Back Injury – male, 67

Recommended Acupuncture Books

Between Heaven and Earth
by Harriet Benfield, L.Ac. and Efrem Korngold, L.Ac., OMD

The Web That Has No Weaver
by Ted Kaptchuk, OMD


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