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Fibromyalgia – Robert Pastan, M.D., Rheumatologist

I refer almost all my patients with fibromyalgia to NECA because it is safe, affordable and it works better than medications in the vast majority of my patients. I find the fibromyalgia medications to have a great deal of toxicity and the benefit is often temporary.

Arthritis, Back Pain, Headaches, Neck pain – female, 77

I came to NECA for bursitis, an old whiplash injury from 1967 and to avoid knee replacement surgery.  Treatment has done wonders for my neck pain and headaches and I have been able to avoid knee replacement.  Remarkable improvement both physically and mentally.  I look forward to acupuncture as a life long comittment.

Metabolism, food cravings, hip pain – female, 65

Only good things to say!!

Total pain therapy, neurological pain – female, 60

Before I came to Matt I was not getting much relief from other sources.  Matt has done so much for me in so little time.  Be lost without him.

Dermatology, Rash – female, 38

After thousands of of dollars, two doctors, two dermatologists and countless tests – modern medicine said there was nothing else they could do for me.  After three weeks at NECA I started seeing results.  They genuinely care, you are not a number or a dollar sign.  I plan to continue regular visits because I enjoy my time at NECA so much and it is affordable.

Joint pain, bone on bone knee arthritis - female, 65

Wanting to wait as long as possible for knee replacement surgery, my doctor told me about NECA.  When I met Matt and Kristina, I felt their caring, compassion and real desire to help me.  The treatment room has soft lights, soothing music and reclining chairs.  Not only are you treated for your initial issue, but, as I found out, they treat all of you – physical, mental and spiritual.  NECA has helped me so much.  I don’t think I could ever thank Matt and Kristina enough.

Back Pain, lumbar spine bulging disc - female, 67

Matt and Kristina have been live savers with my lower back issues.  I’d gone the cortisone injection route with only temporary relief and I knew I didn’t want back surgery.  Several months of intensive acupuncture (2-3 times a week) got me back to where I can now engage in regular exercise.  Acupuncture maintenance one or two times a month keeps me pain free and enjoying life.  I’m very grateful.

Post partum depression, insomnia, anxiety – female, 40

I came to Matt in one of my darkest hours.  He was so kind and compassionate.  He helped me in a way no other conventional doctors could.  I have been seeing him twice a week for a year and a half.  It is the best investment I have ever made.  He has helped me navigate through very difficult times.  I would be lost without him.

Severe Pain – female, 76

A little over two years ago I came to NECA after my physician told me that the only hope I will have to get relief from my awful pain in my neck and shoulder was acupuncture.  Matt has helped me a lot.  Now I have many days without pain.  I will keep coming for treatment as long as it takes.  Everybody is so nice and helpful here.  It makes me feel loved to come for treatment.  Matt is the “best”.

Low back pain, anxiety – female, 30

I came in with lower back pain and fatigue from my job as a massage therapist.  I have worked with both Matt and Kristina.  Both are excellent, and know exactly what I need.  My back pain has significantly improved and my fatigue has vanished.  I am able to do 50% more massage than before.  Thank you NECA!!

Neck Pain – Female, 53

After one treatment my neck felt better.  I love coming here, I always feel better when I leave.

Parkinson’s Disease, Back pain – female, 71

Acupuncture and Parkinson’s Disease – acupuncture helped me get through back surgery, colon cancer, chemotherapy, a broken wrist and knee replacement surgery while coping with the affects of Parkinsons.  One very specific way it has helped my Parkinson’s is the timing of my medication.  Before acupuncture I was taking Sinemet every 2.5 hours, since using acupuncture I am able to lessen the need of medication to every 5 hours and reduce the side effects of the medicine.

Rheumatoid Arthritis – female, 38

I’ve been seeking acupuncture treatment with Matthew and Kristina at NECA for several years to help control my RA.  Matthew has exceptional experience with autoimmune conditions and my arthritis is well controlled without medication.  I use consistent acupuncture and herbal medicine with excellent results and greatly value NECA!

Cancer, Pain from radiation – female, 67

I underwent radiation treatment for breast cancer.  The intensity of the radiation caused muscle damage and as a result I had severe pain in my chest and shoulder with limited mobility in my arm.

My goal was to find relief from this pain or hopefully be able to eliminate it altogether without masking it with prescription pain medication.

The day I walked in New England Community Acupuncture was through desperation.  I was discouraged and in extreme pain.

Matt and Kristina created a treatment plan for me.  I followed the plan as outlined with consistency and determination.  I started to feel relief about 3 treatments and with every treatment experienced more and more improvement.  Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine has changed my quality of life.  Matt and Kristina made it possible for me to reach my goal.  Thank you both for your dedication and for giving me your 100%.

Arthritis, Knee pain, Back pain – female, 51 

It was when I found my leg had gone “to sleep” from sitting with my leg bent under me that I realized just how much better my knees were feeling.  Three months earlier I could barely bend my knee without significant pain.  Thank you New England Community Acupuncture!!

Back pain, Ankle pain – female, 74

Matthew Prouty was recommended to me by my Rheumatologist.  Since coming to NECA I have found relief from the difficult aches and pains I was experiencing on a daily basis.  It was suggested by my physician that I wear a brace for my ankle.  I have not needed the brace since coming to New England Community Acupuncture.  Now my back pain flares only occasionally compared to daily pain and I simply call and schedule an appointment.

Knee pain, overall health – female, 40

I have been seeing acupuncturists since 2002 for a variety of specific health issues as well as for general overall health.  Therefore, I have been very impressed with the treatments I received at New England Community Acupuncture over the past few years to address chronic knee problems and other maladies.

The breath and depth of the practitioner’s knowledge, the availability of appointments, including evening and weekends, coupled with the affordability, --$40 for initial consult and treatment versus $100 to $120 elsewhere, -- make it very easy to receive treatment when needed.

When my seasonal allergies brought a persistent dry cough this year, the practitioners at NECA recommended a custom mixture of traditional Chinese herbs to resolve the condition.  I found the herbal formula prepared for me by NECA to be more effective, faster acting than any medication I have taken over the past two decades, and with no side effects.

All in all, without NECA, I don’t think I would have the great access to affordable acupuncture.  I recommend NECA to anyone looking for acupuncture.

Pain and inflammation as a result of a repaired broken tibia – female, 36

“I came to New England Community Acupuncture after several years of unsuccessful physical therapy trying to treat shooting pain in my lower left leg as a result of trauma to my tibia.

I had no idea what to expect, but was completely surprised at how quickly I felt improvement and relief. I have been treating with Matt for about 2 years now and am generally pain-free. I feel Matt has an amazing ability and knowledge to heal. I am always comforted by how much time he spends listening to all of his patients, truly sympathizing and helping them with their situations.

My only wish is that I'd found NECA sooner! It would have saved me years of pain and hundreds of dollars spent on treatments that yielded little to no relief.

Thank You!”

Ulnar nerve pain, neck and back pain, anxiety, insomnia –female, 51

New England Community Acupuncture and Matthew Prouty are remarkable!  I am resting better, anxiety is much less and the back pain is reduced significantly.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Asthma – female pediatric, 9

I love Dr. Matt because hehelped me with my terrible asthma.  At first I had it so bad that I called it “hurricanes”.  He gave me yucky tea and acupuncture.  I am pretty young for that, but after awhile, time, IT WORKED!  Now I barely cough ever!

Digestive Disorders - female, 31

I recommend NECA most highly. All the practitioners are extremely skillful and compassionate. I look forward to my weekly treatments and I’ve received astounding health benefits from both treatment and herbal prescriptions. The sessions are very affordable and the low cost is not a reflection of the quality, but rather a commitment of the practice to offer affordable care. I’ve been to many acupuncture practices and NECA has been the most attentive and given me the best outcome.

Migraines, Fertility – female, 33

I can’t say enough about NECA! My Mom is now a patient here and she loves it too!

Vascular Disease, P.A.D. (Pain, Legs and Feet) – male, 56

I have had for the past five years, pain in my upper legs/calves and feet from vascular disease. Since beginning treatment here, I have NO pain in my legs and am now being treated for my feet. I am truly amazed at how simple the procedure is and am very happy with the staff. I would certainly recommend NECA for anyone who suffers from pain. 

Pain – female, 54

Wonderful service provided. Therapist is sensitive to your needs. Professional staff. Affordable treatment. Thanks for all you do to help others. My pain is a lot more controlled.

Limited Movement in Neck and Neck Pain – female, 66

I had physical therapy, massage therapy, and chiropractic work done on my neck. It wasn’t until I went to NECA that I finally was helped. The price they charge is very reasonable and the staff is fantastic. I would recommend it to everyone.

Fibromyalgia, Menopause Issues, Back Pain – female, 57

I had so much overall body pain, I had to quit my job. It seemed like an alien had invaded my body due to menopause. My low back pain was severe, due to a collapsed disc. Western medicine offered pills, surgeries,  and various therapies that resulted in very little relief. When I started treatment at NECA, so many of my menopause issues were tamed or disappeared very quickly – hot flashes, mood swings, irregular bleeding, etc. I feel that all women should use Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture to get thru menopause. I was a committed patient who came faithfully 2-3 times a week and saw remarkable results for my Fibromyalgia pain and back pain. I was able to go back to work, exercise, and live a full life again. Matt gave me my life back and I will be forever grateful. I consider acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine important tools to improve and keep my overall heath stable. 

Lower Back Injury – male, 67

NECA has been the most helpful group of health care givers I have ever encountered. They are eager to help you at each visit and listen closely to what you tell them about your pain. They have helped me immensely. I still have a way to go, but I am very pleased with my progress. I highly recommend them.

Severe Dry Eye (caused by MGD) – female, 45

I came to Kristina in significant pain caused by dry eye, which made it difficult to read, drive a car, work, and even sleep. Through weekly treatments, I have found significant relief. I will be forever grateful.

Maintenance – female, 56

As a massage therapist and exercise instructor my body experiences many physical challenges. Matt and Kristina help me heal so I can do my job. Thank you to Matt and Kristina.

Stress – female, 57

I enjoy the treatment and find it helpful.

Neck Problems – female, 66

I am having a very good experience. Doing better each week.

Work Related Stress, Insomnia, and countless other reasons – female, 56

First and foremost, I absolutely find staff (Matt & Kristina) superbly knowledgeable, professional, and sensitive to my woes. I have been a client for a few years. I recently moved to Chicago and continue to to make appointments as I come back often. In the course of a week I have seeked their services and wisdom as many as 3 times. I would absolutely recommend and share in the great gift I feel I have been blessed with in knowing I have “a family”at NECA.

Metabolism – female, 30

I sought out treatment from NECA a few short months ago and can honestly say the results that I have received have been nothing short of amazing.  Prior to my first visit with Matt, I was addicted to fast food, had little to no control over my cravings and found myself in a downward spiral of overeating, weight gain and lost confidence.  Having tried and failed almost every diet known to man, I wasn’t sure what to expect or how much of an impact acupuncture could truly have on me.  After a few short visits with Matt, I had a feeling that this would be the boost that I needed to finally make long term changes.  He is compassionate, kind and incredibly knowledgeable.  He has changed my life in a way that I would have never imagined and with his help, I am now on a path to overall health.  I am making better food choices an dhave the energy and motivation to exercise.  I also have more control over my cravins, have noticed a decrease in appetite and the weight is coming off in a healthy way.  In addition to his incredible acpuncture skills, Matt is encouraging, always in your corner and makes you feel like you are his only client.  Furthermore, the affordability of treatments, coupled with the ease and availability of making appointments, makes NECA second to none.  I cannot sing the praises high enough for this place and would encourage everyone to visit them.  My only regret is that I didn’t find them sooner!