Back Pain


Is acupuncture right for my back pain?

Back pain is one of the most common complaints that brings people to their doctors.  Unfortunately it’s all too common for pain medications, physical therapy and injections to not provide the relief you desperately need.  Acupuncture often provides relief where other treatments have not.  You can expect acupuncture to try to:

  • Eliminate Pain
  • Improve range of motion and movement
  • Heal damaged tissues such as muscles, tendons, discs andconnective tissue
  • Correct posture issues that may be contributing to painful areas along the spine
  • Eliminate nerve pain in back, buttocks and legs

I came in with lower back pain and fatigue from my job as a massage therapist. I have worked with several of the acupuncturists and they are excellent, and know exactly what I need. My back pain has significantly improved and my fatigue has vanished. I am able to do 50% more massage than before. Thank you NECA!!
— Ms. Russo - 30 years old

Acupuncture - Safe, proven, no side effects

Isn’t it time for you to reclaim your life, and return to doing the things you enjoyed?  To not live a life governed by what your back will let you do?  Acupuncture is the safe and proven method to getting back the life you deserve.

Check out this article:

NECA’s team have been life savers with my lower back issues. I’d gone the cortisone injection route with only temporary relief and I knew I didn’t want back surgery. Several months of intensive acupuncture (2-3 times a week) got me back to where I can now engage in regular exercise. Acupuncture maintenance one or two times a month keeps me pain free and enjoying life. I’m very grateful.
— Mrs. Hayes - 67 years old

Benefits of New England Community Acupuncture:

Affordable Treatment

Sliding Payment scale $20-$40 per treatment
You choose the price you can afford, no questions asked

Open 6 days week from early to late

Your time is valuable - let our flexible hours make it easy on your schedule

Experienced Team of Acupuncturists

Our clinicians have years of experience and a proven history of success

Two Convenient Locations

Woburn and North Andover clinics

“New England Community Acupuncture and their team are remarkable! I am resting better, anxiety is much less and the back pain is reduced significantly. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!”
— Ms. Anderson - 51 years old

Call us today and learn how we can help you.  Two convenient locations offering flexible hours, affordable rates and the knowledge to take care of you.