What Does Wellness Mean?

Welcome to New England Community Acupuncture (NECA).


We look forward to meeting with you to discuss how acupuncture may be a positive step towards a healthier more balanced life. Many people are trying acupuncture for the first time and we will work hard to answer your questions. A good acupuncturist should be able to clearly answer questions, instill confidence in you and put you at ease with the process.

This section contains information on how many of our patients have achieved success at NECA. The Wellness Plan refers to simple guidelines of treatment, not a mandatory schedule or commitment.

Stage I Wellness Plan

The average NECA patient begins their time at the clinic suffering from a chronic problem.  Once evaluated by our board certified acupuncturists, you will be actively engaged in setting up the first stage of your treatment. To achieve benefit from acupuncture consistency of treatment is fundamental to your success. Chronic conditions best respond to consistent, simple messages of change. Just like most people hate to be lectured, so does your body. There is no “quick fix” or “magic bullet” of treatment. Your body will not respond to one miracle treatment. Your body will respond to consistent, steady change as it works back to a balanced state of health.

Stage I of your Wellness Plan at NECA often consists of three acupuncture treatments per week. We work to help you accomplish this treatment schedule by offering our sliding pay scale and convenient hours of operation, with appointments available after work hours and on weekends. There is no mandatory commitment of treatment schedule, only guidelines provided by our experienced staff on what we know to be a reasonable approach in aiding you back to balance.

Stage II Wellness Plan

What does cure mean? We choose not to use this word at NECA. Cure denotes that a condition can be resolved regardless of what choices a person makes in their life, especially pertaining to one’s lifestyle. The diet we eat, how we deal with stress, our sleep habits and many other factors influence our health. We choose to find balance. Balance entails a picture of health dependent on the patient taking an active roll in their healing and educating themselves on how to make choices that promote a state of balance. Regardless of what a patient is suffering from when they start their journey at NECA, working towards balance can lead to a life of less symptom suffering, a higher level of functionality and a much more satisfying life.

This second stage of your Wellness Plan occurs when Stage I has been able to make a significant change in your picture of health. Less pain, more energy, clearer mind or whatever goals you set out to accomplish. Stage II of the Wellness Plan requires less frequent treatment and more focus on finding balance in your lifestyle. We offer education on diet, movement and stress management. A major goal of the second stage of wellness is finding out what stability in your condition can mean to you.

Stage III Wellness Plan

How many treatments will I need? Do I need to use acupuncture forever? These are common questions patients at NECA have when beginning treatment. These are very reasonable questions, and questions not easily answered. It is these questions that led to the development of the Three Stages of Wellness Plan. Our experience has shown that a well thought out plan with clear goals and expectations is an important aspect to the healing process. The third stage is the transition from needing the more consistent care found in stages I and II to maintaining the balance you have achieved and enjoying a healthier life style.

The key to success in stage III is applying the tools learned in stages I and II to lead a balanced lifestyle. Understanding the importance of a low inflammation diet, proper hydration and appropriate levels of exercise are key aspects of your wellness. Constructive methods of stress management further promote balance in both your physical and mental well-being. Many of NECA’s patients choose to continue to use acupuncture as one aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle while others find that they are leading healthy, productive lives without the need for further intervention. All our patients feel welcome to contact us anytime with questions or to schedule maintenance treatments.

We wish you success on your path to feeling more healthy and balanced and look forward to joining you on this exciting journey.